Corporate Governance

Sustainable development and responsible governance 

Sustainable development and responsible governance are essential elements in the management of the mining and exploration projects of Gespeg Copper Resources Inc. Gespeg strives to responsibly use the resources of the territories in which we have projects.

To do this, while diligently applying technically proven and economically feasible measures to protect the environment and health and safety in all of its exploration activities and assume its social responsibility to the communities in which it operates, the company should not omit the guiding principles of CSR, including: 

In terms of governance and responsible management, we must ensure:

  • That the employees at all levels understand their environmental and social responsibilities and work to improve their working environment;
  • To plan, evaluate and manage all projects with rigor to minimize the negative effects on the environment and local communities.

The responsible management of a project on land used by others through dialogue. We must ensure that we:

  • Develop a proactive, open and transparent communication with local authorities (including indigenous communities), municipal and Government agencies;
  • Develop a proactive communication with other stakeholders of the territory.

In terms of health and safety, we shall ensure that we:

  • Implement, with due diligence, the regulations in matters of health and safety in all of its exploration activities;

In terms of environment, we must ensure that we:

  • Implement, with due diligence, all regulations in matters of environment in all its exploration activities;

In words socio – economic, we must ensure that:

  • To the extent possible, generate local benefits and contribute to local development through constructive partnerships with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, in respect for the interests of each.

Sylvain Laberge
President & CEO

Tom MacNeill

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